Thursday, February 21, 2008

TM MB Competiton

This is the pattern for the TM MB Competition :)

Moon Fairy Spirit by Passione Riccamo




Lets try again said...

Pardon my ignorance but what is a TM MB?foqwab

Anonymous said...

Hi Andie, Fairy noon is a gorgeous pattern and admired it when I was lookin through there site. I would love to be in to win it. I really enjoy looking at your work and I admire you as a mum with 5 children as I know how hard it is. Hugs :0) gemini

Chiloe said...

But you are not telling us about the fabric ??? Which one have you chosen?

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous pattern - I won't show my daughter though because she'd want it far too much. As do I GatheringRoses :)

sugardoll said...

hey girl, which competition is this? I hope you win! Do you have to stitch the whole piece done to win?

What fabric do you have in mind? I love this design as well. It's so me!!! LOL (just the hair color really!) I was so thrilled the first time i seen this design as well! It's very mysterious! Love it!

Can't wait to see when you start her!

Anonymous said...

hi andie love the pattern pls put me in the draw hugs crash01