Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is Gill's RR as I received it:

Gill's as it arrived

and as it will go home:

Gill's RR going home

it doesn't look like I got much done but I felt like I worked on her for ages!! She is huge! I also did quite a bit of frogging as there was an area that wasn't quite right so I fixed it, although I still didn't like the way it looked, will see what Gill thinks when it goes home anyway :)

Have been stitching on Miss NY for Tari today, its only a little project so I can do it easily while breastfeeding and its part of her birthday present so I need to get it done :)




Chiloe said...

Isn't it too hard to work on this dark fabric? Good progress ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is huge isn't she, and that big blue skirt is absolutely ginormous! Thanks so much for stitching on this Andie, I'm looking forward to getting her home!

sugardoll said...

Hi girl,

I've tagged you on my blog, no choice LOL.

Hope you will post once you have time. Thankies! Muah!

Sari said...

Your Angel of the sea looks really nice! And Bethany is a cute baby :)

Megumi said...

Wow...this design does have an awful lot of skirt in it. I'm sure every stitch is appreciated. :)

Lets try again said...

The progress you did looks great. Is it really that big? I have only stitched 2 PR design and that was a freebie. I love love love this one, is it bigger than a mira or one of the L&L ladies? I am so tempted by looking at Gill's

Barbara said...

Oooh - that's beautiful!

And yes, your wee darlin' is about the same age as mine. Aren't they just the most amazing miracles?!

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