Thursday, March 27, 2008

Novey visit

I really needed a change so worked on Novey

Am now back to Isabella and hoping to get her finished before the 1st of April :)

Here is Christian and Bethany. (Taken by one of the kids so is probably blurry but my screen is getting pretty bad so is a bit hard to see)

It was Christian's 10th birthday yesterday :) He had a great day




sugardoll said...

Bethany is growing so fast, and she is so beautiful.

Happy b-day to your cute little man as well.

You need to finish Novey, she said to me that her garland is starting to wilt. LOL

Joei said...

Novey looks wonderful.

Your kids are so cute!! Belated happy birthday to Christian.

Mel said...

Novey looks fabulous!
Bethany sure is growing fast. Happy birthday to Christian

Marie said...

very nice work !!
bethany is always so adorable !

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