Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gonna set more goals :)

I am quite impressed with how much of my years goals I have completed so I am going to set a few more... then I have more choice lol

Night Train - for Christian
Winnie the Pooh kit - for Bethany
Moonlight Lullaby - for Bethany
FinishThree for Tea
Finish Waiting for Ships
Start Enchanted Mermaid
Tiger Lilly
Our Wedding Sampler
and maybe work some on Spring Queen

I have also signed up for another UFO RR. I wasn't sure about doing this again. But I have decided to do this with a project I don't love but that I want to get finished. So I am not to worried if this isn't fantastic :)

If you are worried that I have set too many goals don't be. I am not concerned about meeting all my goals, I just like to have something to work to :)

Chiloe asked about Woodland Goddess. She is a chart from the book Joan Elliots A womans world in Cross stitch. I am not sure what the fabric is but it reminds me of one called Lemon Meringue, not sure who that is dyed by..... I'm thinking HLC..... maybe Noreen knows????

Will be posting a photo of Fairy Moon later today... gonna wait until its better light :) Have moved onto Boo.... I'm being so good lol (its like you and that christmas tree Chiloe)



1 comment:

Chiloe said...

Nice projects to come ;) DO youhave pictures to show us ? I love seeing people projects (sometimes, it even increase my own wish list !!! lol )

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