Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh just

had an idea, I might use my rest of the month slot to work on whatever is screaming the loudest at me :D

Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant plan?!! LOL



p.s Just to clarify, this has to be a current wip, or else one on my to start this year list :) Then I won't be able to go and start lots of new projects lol (unless its a small piece, the size of a pixie or smaller since this was originally their slot lol)


Chiloe said...

That's the kind of idea that I really love but you take the risk to start a new project !!! lol

Kathryn in NZ said...

And she already has 2 new ones kitted up ready to go...
Autumn looks ab fab!
Send me your snail mail addy by direct email and I'll get Eeyore in the mail to you :)

sugardoll said...

Go for it! LOL

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