Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry for being Awol lately!

I have had a busy few weeks! Wade broke his wrist falling off his bike on the way home from school. Then there was my cousins wedding which was lovely. My other cousin (his sister) had stitched a wedding sampler for them and asked me to frame it which I was happy to do, but it took ages and I couldn't seem to get it right... but finished in the end and they loved it which was the main thing!

I have framed Novey she is in a big white frame from the warehouse and it looks fantastic in real life!

I have bought another frame the same for MotP and I can't wait to get the time to frame her! Novey is in the lounge but MotP is going in our bedroom :)

Here is my Fairy Moon progress for this month. Pretty pathetic as I had a mucked up week with Wade.

Here also is Midnight Boo, I mucked up and worked on her instead of CDC so moving onto that now. I managed to behave and got quite a lot done on her (for me) about 400 teeny tiny x's lol.

My new start is Bethany's Winnie the Pooh kit. Which I started for the Stitchathon as my stitchathon project.... another lot of pathetic progress.... but I did have a wedding that weekend lol.

I have some more progress on Tiger Lilly to show you too, but that can wait til another time :D

Thank you very much to those of you who put up your hands for my stash clutter :)




Linda K's Creativity Works said...

If you keep on stitching on your projects on a daily basis you will have them done in no time...Keep up your beautiful stitching...your projects are looking great.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Juls said...

Absolutely stunning Andie!!!! Love your Novey and what a lovely start on Fairy Moon!!! I started her just a week or so ago myself!!!!! I am having such fun with her!!!!

sugardoll said...

Hi Andie,

The Framed Novey is stunning! That white frame, elegant yet simple really make her and the fabric pop.

Hubby heard from the job and is supposed to get another phone interview tomorrow, this time from their office in singapore. Really crossing our fingers for this one. =)

Have missed you! ((hugs))

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I think you have done well with everything going on! Hope that wrist heals quickly!

Joei said...

Novey is so lovely. The frame is simply elegant.
Lovely wip.

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Love how you framed Novey. She is beautiful. Great progress on all your other WIPS too.

Mel said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!!! I love how you framed Novey.
I hope Wade is feeling better and the wrist is healing

Marie said...

very nice frame !

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