Friday, June 13, 2008

Chiloe's Meme

Foundation -

Usually can't be bothered, when I do its revlon


same as above

Day Cream -

When my skin feels horrid

Favourite Make-up Product-



Usually just my deodorant


Short, no polish


Yes I do have some

Feet -

I have these too

3 Products to bring on a deserted island -

Water (fresh, just incase) a fishing rod and matches (I don't like raw food)

Women I admire for their beauty -

Reese Witherspoon, not classic but gorgeous all the same. Princess Diana, she seemed to be beautiful inside as well as out

Women with the best sense of style -

The one who can wear baby spit in public without being embarassed that her baby just spit up on her

My ultimate dream -

To live to old age with my DH, for my children to grow up healthy and happy and confident in themselves no matter who they are

How do I define womanhood -

Being who you are, with no apologies needed

Favourite fashion publication -

I don't read fashion magazines

Now tagging time........If you feel like being tagged then...*tag* your it :D



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