Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Award :D

The lovely Noreen gave me an award :D And a growling for not posting the last one she gave me lol sorry Noreen

So..... it's called "Arte y pico". In Spanish it literally means ART and TIP but from Nina's (don't know who Nina is :D I got this from Noreen's blog lol) translation, it means "The Best Art".

And the rules say:

1) Choose 5 blogs deserving to receive the award (conception, creativity, interesting equipment and contributing to the community of bloggers whatever the language)
2) Every award must contain the link towards the blog of his author so that it can be visited.
3) Every winner must show the award-logo and put back the name and the link towards the blog that attributed it for her.
4) The winner must show the blog link the Arte y Pico.
5) To Post the rules.

The people whom I would love to have this award are:

1. Noreen I assume I can give it back to you lol

2. Chiloe

3. Rachel

4. Karen

5. Lisa

6. Ashley

7. Little Miss Flossy :)

Okay okay that was 7...... could have done heaps more too :D I had to restrain myself :D




The Euphoric Stitcher said...

Thank you Andie!! This is my first blog award! I was so excited this morning.... my day is off to a great start!!

XS Margie said...

Hi Andie!!! :~)

Hope you are having an excellent weekend!!! :~) Also ... you may want to check out my most recent blog entry ;~)

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