Friday, August 15, 2008

Easter Fairy

Here she is :)

Easter Fairy

Shes been to the US and I haven't lol

I joined the Junes' WWRR and was going to send The Teacher (who I am sending this round) but everyone kept on pulling out so I was struggling with what to send and finally decided on this little fairy... In the end I didn't stitch much on her but shes still a Happy Dance lol




TrixieTaxi said...

Well now, she looks SO much better here than she does on my kit. :o) I might have to actually do this one as now.

She's adorable.

Also, gotta say I love the colors of your Ivy, I wish I'd thought of that when I stitched her. :o)


Itching To Stitch said...

She came out beautiful and looks wonderful on that fabric ;)

Valerie said...

She is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

The colour of the fabric has certainly bought this one to life. Congratulations!

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