Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heres my girls :D

Well 2 of them :D

Rose of Sharon

August 28th '08

And Bethany

August 28th '08

Photography of Bethany courtesy of Tarissa :)

As you can see Bethany is all good now :) She has always been a much loved and enjoyed member of our household but I think the kids realized how easy it would be to loose her and now spoil her rotten!

my new rotation is working really well. I am enjoying it and not getting bored and although there are a few things I want to start and others I want to work on I feel like I can wait :D Definitely a good thing :D

I hope you are all well!

*big hugs*



Kathryn in NZ said...

How do you get so much stitching done?!
Bethany is gorgeous, and my how she's grown! (Why do we say that when it is what they're meant to do? LOL)

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Rose of Sharon is absolutely stunning ;)

Barb said...

Rose of Sharon is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more on it. Glad Bethany is well now. She is so cute that picture of her is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Both of them :o)

sugardoll said...

Bethany is soooooo big, it seemed only yesterday when she was so tiny!!! She's beautiful, little charmer.

The red RoS is going well, i think i like her better in reds.

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