Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lovely Mail :)

Tarissa loves to enter for free things :) she frequently wins too!

She entered a competition for a splat mat (a mat for the mess under a highchair) for Bethany and won. It arrived today and is really cute!

splat mat

Also in the mail today was this lovely package from Mel!

from mel

Thank you so much Mel!! The fabric is perfect!! I LOVE it! I really like the pattern too and will have a proper look at it soon. Will send you an e-mail soon, am getting harrassed by bored DS10 who wants a turn on the computer lol

And since I took a few photos this morning here is one of Bethany... covered in toast and marmite lol..... she sure loves marmite!

Bethany 16th August 08

She still has hardly any hair lol




Mel said...

I am glad you like the fabby. Bethany looks so adorable. Can't say much for her taste in spreads. I prefer vegemite myself, lol

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Bethany is so precious! Lots of goodies in the mail!

Chiloe said...

What a cutie !!! Bathany, not the dragon, silly you !!! lol

I'm sure you are already in love with your new fabbie !!! I wish I can travel to NZ and look at all your fabric stash ! yummy yummy !!!

Anonymous said...

wow that fabric is gorgeous! What colour is it?

Anonymous said...

Aww lol at Bethany! She looks so cute :o)

Great splatmat. I must get one of those myself. My poor carpet has suffered for long enough.

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