Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pictures :)

Wade's Tiger

August 3rd 08

stitching on Enchanted Fabrics Dark Fury Flair Monaco

and B for "Bethany"

August 3rd 08

Stitching on Enchanted Fabrics Painted Summer Glade Lugana

My rotation went on a short holiday so I could work on this wee fairy, I love her! I will return to my rotation and sal's soon as I don't have all the colours so will have to wait to finish her




Mel said...

Lovely progress on both. I love the new Nora alphabet. Will be waiting for P and M

Rachel said...

I too love the Nora alphabet and am waiting for K and N. Your B is looking Beautiful and cant wait for another update :o)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Your pieces look wonderful. Those fabric are stunning.

Rachel said...

Your B is looking amazing! Great job. The tiger looks nice too, that fabric is gorgeous! Is it a large project?

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