Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stitching Challenge

is returning :) Although not a set amount!

I really really really really want to get mystery X (Chatelaine) and all the supplies when it is released so I am setting myself some stash rules

1. I cannot purchase patterns or fabric

2. I can only purchase threads to complete a chart or the beads etc needed

3. The only exception is for gifts

4. If I get 20 pieces completed and the pattern is still not released then I can go back to stash buying.

This should help my saving for Secret Victorian Mandala Garden and help my poor credit card too :)




Ginnie said...

very disciplined!!! Hope you can stick to it... as so much temptation out there!

Rachel said...

That's a big challenge Andie! Good luck sticking to it. I can't wait the release of Mystery X either!

PS - I have given you an award! Check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

wow 20 projects... What a great challenge. Best luck to you :)
I myself would never survive a challenge like that I instead try to focus my spending on charts, fibers and fabric for specific projects not a bit here there and everywhere which sits in my stash unused forever!

Lisa aka Kiwiflowa

Kristin Stitches said...

Good luck, Andie. I have fallen off the wagon with a very loud THUD!!!!

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