Saturday, September 20, 2008

Secret Sisters and other things :)

I have been involved for the last 3 months in a secret sister exchange on the Enchanted Fabrics board and I have enjoyed it SO much!

I just received my last package and have discovered that my SS was Cerys. Thank you so much Cerys for the wonderful packages. I feel SO special! *hugs*

My package today was fabrics from Enchanted Fabrics

SS #3

Left to right

An EF unique inf choc/pink on 28count Lugana 12x26

A gorgeous colour which I think is going to be one of the new releases called Cotton Candy on 28count Jobelan 13x18

and last (but definetly not least) Fairy Twilight on 32 count Lugana Opalescent 9x13. This one I think is going to be perfect for Crescent Dreams which I would like to do for my cousins wee babe who was miscarried as a memorial. As she didn't know whether the babe was a boy or a girl I want to convert the blanket to white/creams.

Here is a picture of Bethany... blurry I know. I can't get her to stay still! lol I took 10 photos and this was the best! LOL

Beth 20th September08

She got up on her hands and knees after lunch today. Shes going to be trouble when she gets going! She is already into everything!




Mel said...

Wow, lots of lovely fabrics there. That is a very sweet gesture doing crescent dreams for your cousin.
Bethany looks adorable as always.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fabrics you received there. The chocolate one will look stunning once you've found just the right project for it.

Aww cutie Bethany. Oh the nightmare when they first start moving around and you realise they can reach stuff you thought they couldn't lol. Mind, you've been there a few times before and have the practice lol :o) She's gorgeous Andie!

Chiloe said...

Cute baby, cute fabrics ... um, I'm wondering what you are stitching ??? Have you started something new ? lol

sugardoll said...

Those are some lovely stash! I surely would like to do those SS stuff and exchanges someday when I can drive my own self to the post office.

Doesn't matter if the pic is blurry, Pretty Bethy still looks as sweet as ever

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