Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am zooming along

with Enchanted Mermaid and I'm really enjoying this one at a time.

My next project though is Chatelaines Watergarden, I am not sure how I will cope working so long on just this one big piece so I am going to pick one of my wip's to pick up if I go crazy :D

Please answer my poll to help me pick which project to work on next :D

All have pictures in my webshots album

Looking forward to your opinions :D




Tama said...

I voted for the Red RoS - I'm hoping yours will inspire me to get to work on mine!!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Ships. I remember you commenting about the fabric awhile back and i'd love to see it done as It will help me decide if I want to do it. Lynne

Kathy said...

I vote for Butterfly - Day, because I just love butterfles.

I am hoping to start Water Garden and Autumn Water Garden II in the New Year, can't wait, must get threads organised soon.

Hugs xxxx

Jenny said...

I voted Fairy Moon cause it is one of my favorite patterns (that I haven't stitched yet!), but really any Mira would be good. I think Miras are a nice change from a Chatalaine, so pairing them as focus pieces should help you get the break each from the other as needed.

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