Sunday, January 25, 2009

Updates :D

Here is my Spring Queen progress :)

January 25th 09

Then my next RR arrived so I thought I better work on that before going back to EM otherwise I wouldn't get it done lol

As it arrived

Eqyptian sampler as it arrived (blurry picture)

As I will send

Eqyptian sampler as I will send

Bethany has learnt to stand on her own and is even occasionally taking a step or two :D

On Friday we went to Christchurch for the anatomy scan for baby. We decided to find out what we were having and are happy to announce that we are having another wee girl. :D Our photos of wee Aliyah should arrive on Monday so I will put one of them up then




Chiloe said...

Another girl !!!! Yeah to you !!!! Girls need sisters and I would have love Emma could have one (but Chuy's family makes only boys ... One of my sister in law is pregnant with her third one so I feel really blessed to have Emma!)

Can I send you my UFO's? :-D

Bethany is so cute !!! HOw is she now? By the way, do you think about more kids after this baby? I don't know how you still find time to stitch beautiful pieces !!! You are an amazing lady !!!

RuthB said...

Bethany, isn't that great?! You get a sister!! Sister's are the best. :) Just think a sister AND a mom who does beautiful stitching! You are a lucky little girl :)

loulee1 said...

I see lots of pink in your future.

I love Spring Queen, I made it for friends of ours and they didn't even display it, Idread to think where she is now as they have left the country.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on another girl!!! I would love to have another girl. Bethany is sooo cute standing there on her own.

Your Spring Queen is looking very nice, I would love to start mine, but oh, so many going already, lol.

Can't wait to see some pictures of the baby!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Spring Queen looks fantastic!

How fun that Bethany is taking her first few steps. Life is such an adventure now that Nathaniel is walking everywhere. Congrats on the new little girl as have picked a beautiful name!

Ashley G. said...

Congrats on your newest addition, can't wait to see your ultrasound pics!! Congrats on Bethany taking her first steps I know you are excited!

Your progress on Spring Queen is lovely, can't wait to see more!

Jenny said...

Congrats to Bethany on standing on her own and on the new sister! :)

Lauralness said...

Congratulations to Bethany! I love the name you have picked for the new baby too.

Holy smokes you stitched that fast! You've only had it like 6 days!!

Tammy said...

Your stitching looks great and congrats on your baby girl (to be!). How nice!

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