Friday, February 06, 2009

Ups and Downs....... (don't read if you don't want to hear about my actual life)

At times in the last week I have felt like I was drowning.

Between lack of sleep as Bethany has been waking between 3 and 10 times a night for the last few months.
Finances so tight from having to get school uniforms, school books, school fees coming up and Wade bringing home a notice for a school camp with payment needed of $150 before the 18th Feb making me want to hide and dealing with the older kids Dad, being pregnant etc

I have days where I want to cry all the time. Last night we resorted to medicating Bethany, which I really don't agree with but desperation had us on the edge.
Today I felt so much better until Mike and I started talking about our credit card tonight. Now I want to cry again.
I am not sure if I am depressed or if it is just circumstances ganging up on me with preggy hormones.

If I am not feeling better in a week or two I will be taking myself off to the dr.

Anyway onto stitching updates, my screamer this week was Watergarden


Finally a WIP :)


Feb 6th 09
Due to my feeling so bad I was going to start something new as I just couldn't settle with this and nothing appealed from my wip's alas I had nothing fully kitted so instead pulled out

Lady of the Mist to do some stitching on



Feb 6th 09

So not much progress on either really. I am now back to Bethanys birth sampler.




Chiloe said...

Have you seen the pediatrician for Bethany? Lack of sleep is worse than anything else. People lacking of sleep do get depressed. WHen Steb didn't want to sleep, I was so so tired. I almost gave him also a natural medication but we managed to avoid it.

For the finances, one day at a time. Maybe you can overspend today and not spend for 2 or 3 months (beside usual bills). Chuy is going to work only 13 days in march so we won't get too much money but I get confort with all the stash I got !!! ;-) Better that than getting desesperate ...

I hope you feel better soon because I don't like to seeing you that way. I'm so far away and can't come to comfort you but I'm sending you lots of hugs !!!!

Tracy said...

My daughter is 12 and STILL has sleeping problems. We give her natural sleeping aids, but they hurt her stomach. At this point she is the one suffering more than I am. It's hard to see her so tired in the morning and send her off to school.

I've felt like crying over the last couple of months. I'm doing all this graduate work and several counties around us are freezing the hiring of teachers. I'm not sure what I will do if I can't get a job by fall. We are barely making it. I was thinking about putting in an application at a day care after my practica, but we'll see.

I hope you feel better soon. When times are hard I try to look at what I do have! **hugs**

Tracy said...

Oooo...and your stitching is lovely!!

Jenny said...

((Andie)) I'm so sorry you're not feeling well lately. I always thought sleep deprivation was one of the worst parts of being a parent to little ones - I'm sure it is that much tougher being pregnant at the same time.

Hang in there - February seems to be a tough month for everyone - winter is still here and it is still cold and dreary and people are just sick to death of it. Add to that some sleep deprevation and tightening finances and who wouldn't feel a little depressed? Try not to beat yourself up about it, and just make the most of what positives there are in your life - like all those awesome kiddos!

BTW, your stitching looks awesome! I love the fabric you choose for LOTM. :)

Gaynor said...

Pregnancy, finances and a lack of wonder you are down! Any one would do it. stop putting yourself under such are only human (meant kindly..been there).
My middle child wouldnt sleep...get a trip to the Drs to make sure the little toad is OK, and then look at sleeping techniques..or get a grandparent to take over for a night so you can have a nights sleep..
Then sit down and sort out finances..get a plan of action. A nightmare to go through but you will feel better when it is sorted.
We are all broke at the mo..and we have all had those sleepless nights.
Lots of ((((hugs))))...if you were closer I would take over for a night.

StitchCat said...

Big hugs Andie...Sleepless nights are not good. Is it cool in Bethanys room. Maybe its a little warm. I think everyone I have talked to has got money issues at the included. Its not fun. You will get through Andie...have faith :)

Maggie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I will join you in the money worries and the sleep deprivation. Last night was prime example with Riley deciding it was 'morning' at 3am, after refusing to even go to sleep until 10pm and waking me up because he decided he wanted a 'story' at 1.30am (he didn't get one!).

It must be so much harder with being pregnant too. ((((Hugs))))) honey.

Ranae said...

Lady of the Mist is beautiful and the Enchanted mermaid is stunning

Ashley G. said...

Andie, You are definitely in my thoughts! I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling bad! Hopefully everyhing will begin to turn around soon for you and Bethany will begin to sleep!

Your stitching is beautiful though. It always amazes me, and encourages me to keep plodding along on mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had a tough week! I'm sure the hot weather on top of everything else isn't helping.

You aren't alone ((((hugs)))) my little niece who's newborn wouldn't sleep and my sister had an unhelpful doctor (had to change doctors in the end) etc and in the end my niece was diagnosed with reflux and my sister with postpartum depression which the new doctor thinks was entirely because of lack of sleep and feeling helpless.

I'm not saying you have that but I can empathise with the feeling. (hugs)

sugardoll said...

Ugh! I understand what you are going through. The constant waking when Connor was still on his bottle was soooo exhausting. We finally took it away from him about 3 weeks ago and he is (thank God) sleeping straight at night, he used to eat very little and just get nourishment from the bottle, so he gets hungry quite alot in the middle of the night and thus the waking/screaming/whining over and over until a bottle is being pushed against his mouth.

You should tell your doctor that you are feeling down at times when you see her/him next time. It really helps to tell someone who knows the symptoms and how to deal with it, in case you are depressed. ((hugs))

Paula D said...

Thinking of you during your pregnancy!
Paula D

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