Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Miss Frog

Should be her name! Think I have unpicked just about as much as I have stitched!

March 20th 09

So I am putting her away for now... I'm moving onto Dawn which shows you how much this one is driving me nuts lol

Also I want to apologise for not commenting very often lately and also Thank you to those of you who have given me awards! I just don't seem to have much oomphf lately. But I really do appreciate them.




Kim B said...

Too bad she's giving you so much difficulty! What a trouble maker!

stitchinfiend said...

I love the Alphabet Faries. I am up to C. Sorry to hear the frogs have been visiting on D.

Mel's Blog said...

She looks lovely! Hopefully you'll enjoy Dawn (this time) lol!

Lauralness said...

Sorry about having to unpick too much. It can really take away from the enjoyment of the piece :(

Tammy said...

She is so dainty and pretty--sorry you had to frog her so much!

chezam said...

Hi Andie, Sorry you're having to do so much frogging, hope you're looking after yourself, take care.
hugs from Cheryl.

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