Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project Challenge....

Okay I know I've tried this before... but am going to give it another go :D

I decided I had so many wip's, and kitted or mostly kitted projects I really need to stop wasting money getting things I don't need

I'm aiming for 15 projects for now. But have put together a list of ones I can choose from.

The List

Enchanted Dreamer
Little Miss D
Aliyahs Birth sampler
Celtic Spring
Wade's CDT
Butterfly - Day
Little Miss A
Morning Glory
Christians CDC
Red RoS
Angel of the Sea
South Seas Mermaid
Fairy Roses
Waiting for Ships
Spring Queen
Three for Tea
The Teacher
Venetian Opulence
Blossom Harvest.

Found a couple more

Fairy Moon
The Kiss (maria V S)
Elizabeth and the Lavender sky
Blackwork Dragon
Angel of the Sea
Midnight Boo

Apart from the odd packet of beads, krenik or dmc I have mostly everything for all of these.

I plan to work them into my rotation, having such a big list I shouldn't get bored (hopefully) or feel trapped (hopefully lol)




Kim B said...

Good luck Andie!!! Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Andie-I am rooting for you! I am trying to do a similar thing, and have found myself getting bored, so it is good thing you have so many things to choose from.

Rachael said...

Good for you, Good luck with it!!

Ginnie said...

good luck, I find the rotation works well for me!

Ashley (The Euphoric Stitcher) said...

Good luck Andie!! You have such a wonderful list of things to stitch. I would have a hard time just picking out the 15!

Beatrice said...

Wow you sure are ambitious. Good Luck. Your choices are exciting.
I love the slide show in your side- bar You have certainly done some stunning work.

Tammy said...

Great list-can't wait to see your progress!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Good luck with your challenge. Love the new blog look too:)

Kathryn in NZ said...

That's quite list! Stick at it vibes for you...

BTW, i've named you for an award - details on my blog

stitchinfiend said...

Good luck. I should do something like that too cause I am in the same boat.

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