Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Well I've been slacking! Can't believe I didn't post my last project update!

It was Celtic Spring

Feb 28th 09

I finished off the patterend border.

Then I stitched on Poppy :D

March 3rd 09

Oops shes a bit blurry, the camera battery way dying.

Back to Bethanys birth sampler.

In personal news I've not been feeling to flash...... not too long to go I suppose til baby comes. (Just over 3 months) when I complain to Mike he says well at least shes not out here crying lol He has such a great sense of humor! I've told him he has to go get something sorted so we have no more. I don't feel up to doing this again! LOL

Does anyone have any personal experience, good or bad, of having a vasectomy? He has of course heard horror stories and I don't want him to have one if its as bad as some people say.




Kim B said...

Your projects are amazing!!!!

I know nothing about the vasectomy thing, but a doctor could answer questions to help you all decide.

The end of pregnancy can be miserable!!

Deb said...

Andie - like woman & birth, men only seem hear of the horror tales & the "walk in the park, didn't even know I'd had it done" ones remain untold.
Either that or they only repeat the horror stories to us....excuses excuses I say ;o)

I personally know of 5 guys that I can quickly recall that have had it done. None of them have felt that it was a big deal & all were back at work the next day.

Lauralness said...

Great progress!

DH had one and was fine after a few days. Most doctors will do it but you should really truly go to a Urologist and have them do it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anie, DH has had one and all is good with him. He got over it in a day or two. t's better for them then us put it that way. He had his done throught the hospital family planning as it was free back then. Lynne

Cheryl said...

Pretty stitching!
Wow, just seen this is number 6 child for you! How on earth do you cope? 1 is hard enough for me at the moment LOL

Tracy said...

Lovely stitching.....

My ex-husband got it and he was fine the next day.

Lauralness said...

P.S. I mailed Lindsay's UFO yesterday and I included your prize.

Ginnie said...

Both pieces of stitching look great. My DH had one about 6 years ago and he was just fine .... tell him to go for it!! He'll experience the joy of doctors looking at all you "bits" LOL...

Kathryn in NZ said...

How's this? DH had his on my 39th birthday. It was a great gift and we haven't looked back.
He booked it himself, got himself there and back, took it quietly for the weekend and was mostly fine. He did have a small issue, but it was easily solved with a prescription for a week.
And, this might be TMI so shut your eyes if you need to, our love life is better than ever.
Oh, great progess on Celtic Spring!

Chiloe said...

Hope the end of the pregnancy will go smoothly for you ;-) How do you people in NZ look at you? Is it unusual for women to have 5 or 6 kids there? Here the norm is 2 or 3, rarely more (the little ones can be quite expensive !!! lol)

The best birth control: no more sex !!!!!!! lol

sugardoll said...

Hey Andie love your new blog dress! hehe

I have a friend who's hubby had had vasectomy. The story is crazy so I'll drop you an email about it.

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