Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well whats been happening?

Iris.... I ran out of the Krenik I needed so didn't quite complete my goal.... but I need to wait awhile before purchasing some more so it can wait til the end :D

March 10th 09

My next UFO RR arrived... can I say wow? I really need to get this chart :D

celtic cross on blue

Laural was having a giveaway and I won the piece of fabric! Laural also sent me the A chart! Thank you somuch Laural you are wonderful!
And as a treat for you here is Miss Bethany :D
Who is now walking everywhere and climbing too *sigh*


Kim B said...

Wow that is an amazing UFO RR! Congrats on the win!

Lindsay said...

When it eventually get's finished you can the chart

stitchinfiend said...

That UFO RR is stunning. I love Nora's Alphabet and plan to stitch them all. I am only up to B......LOL

Chiloe said...

Bethany is sooooooo cute ;-)

Nice progress !!!

Yes, Laural is wonderful ! :-)

Ginnie said...

Iris is looking lovely, nice prize too.

Jenny said...

Iris is coming along so nice - and so is Miss Bethany! :)

Gaynor said...

Lovely prize and Bethany is gorgeous. My DD is 21 this year adn I miss having a little pink one around...tho my two little blue ones do tend to make up for it lol

Lauralness said...

Thanks for the picture! I love seeing your kiddos.

I thought that you would need the A. I hope you don't already have it.

Jo said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I recognised Lindsay's UFO striaght away - it seems to be on every blog I visit at the moment!

I've really enjoyed looking at your WIPs

sugardoll said...

Congrats dear for the win! Beth looks like she's lost a little weight, but it doesn't surprise me if she's started to become that mobile. She must be one little busy bee! All your new wips are gorgeous!

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