Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Designer

Wow I just have to tell you all about a new designer Dark Side of the Moon, (please click on designer name to see pictures) who is actually our very own Gill from Chewed Away and the Mirabilia Stitchers Board.

Congratulations Gill!!!




Chiloe said...

That's why she disappeared !!! I was wondering how she was. Is it a full time job now?

stitchinfiend said...

Wow that is just lovely.

Nicola said...

Very pretty! Congrats to Gill! She's very talented!

Kathy said...

Hey Andie

I have just ordered both her designs, can't wait to get them, just gotta decide on some fabby, when they arrive.

Bethany loooks cute lol, love her jammies hehe. And why not have a new start I know I want to start summat new but am trying to be good, but not for long lol.

Hugs xxxxxx

陳冠希Easaon said...

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