Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An update

Heres CDT - for Wade

May 19th 09

As you can see I decided to get the frames finished and then fill them in :D I am finding this one doesn't flow as beautifully as CDC when stitching it.

I have been trying to stitch OAAT, so far I am succeeding... I'll see how I go :D

I saw my midwife yesterday, everything is still going well, and babies weight seems to have evened out.... I hope so! Although I do have big babies so it shouldn't worry me really!




Zeb said...

It may not flow easily, but it still looks gorgeous :)

And good news about the baby!

loulee said...

I love the blue and white. It may not be flowing but you're doing great it looks beautiful.
Great finish with Poppy too, she is sweet.

Tammy said...

Glad you are doing well! Your piece is beautiful!

Tracy said...

I love the blues. Glad everything's well with the baby!

Tommye said...

I love this piece. Beautiful work. I'm a new follower.

I'm a OOAT stitcher always. Goes with the left brain thing.


Kim B said...

I love the blue you chose!

Maxine said...

I love the colour your using in CDT and you're making great progress, better than me I've just had to a lot of reverse stitching on mine lol!!

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