Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finished Little Miss A

and she only took 5 days!!

Little Miss A for Aliyah

Here also is my last RR

As I recieved

Kates as I recieved

As I will send

Kates as I will send

Thanks for stopping by :D




Gaynor said...

I am not good on RR's. What you have done on yours is very impressive though! Well done.

I love the is absolutely gorgeous, and such pretty material! Lovely finish..I think a mega happy dance is in order lol

Kim B said...

She's amazing!!! Seeing this makes me want to do the S for my little miss when it becomes available!

You made a good dent in that RR too.

Mel's Blog said...

Congrats Andie! She looks fab! Great job on your RR.

Missy Ann said...

Your A is too cute. And great work on the UFORR. I love those RRs, I can always tell why they became UFOs but they're always so beautiful I can see why we don't give up on them.

valerie said...

Love your Letter A! Great finish. These UFORR's are such a great idea!

Lauralness said...

Great finish!

Chiloe said...

Did you sleep at all during this last 5 days? lol congrats on that finish ;-)

I was wondering: why a winter background; then it hit me !!! lol

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