Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Here is Mirabella

She is so lovely and I am enjoying stitching her immensely :D

June 2nd 09

I am stitching her on Slkweavers Iris Garden 32ct Belfast

I have now moved onto Generosity which I worked out that I started before Mike and I got engaged! I have rounded up stray threads today and I imagine I should be finished tonight if I can find the krenick I had subbed, how terrible is that?! 1 days stitching to get it finished!

Kathy the UFO I worked on last was called "Life in the Trees" I hope that helps you to find it, I don't recall anything else.

I have also joined Stitch a Mirabilia blog. I have been following for quite awhile and find it very inspiring :D Thanks to Kathy for letting me join :D




Zeb said...

Oh wow you've done so much already! And I am glad it turned out so beautifully on that fabric too ^_^

Can't wait for all my supplies to arrive so I can start stitching her too!

Chiloe said...

What a beautiful start;-) I love the fabric you chose. You know, you are always very inspiring to me ;-)

Mel said...

Wow, that is some amazing fabric!
So lovely.

Kim B said...

Wow! That is stunning!!!!

Lauralness said...

Wow! Great start and the fabric is really pretty! I think you are the fastest stitcher that I know.

Kathy said...

Thanks Andie, have made a note of it, will see if I can find it.

Wow what a great start on your mermaid, she is gorgoeus and I love the fabric you have chosen for her. Looking forward to seeing more.

Hugs xxxxx

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