Saturday, August 29, 2009

The call of HAED

Every now and then I look thru the Heaven and Earth designs wesite and tease myself with all the beautiful things I could stitch.

I really am sitting on the fence with them, I don't know if my attention span is long enough :D Would I get really bored and give up?

If I were to get a HAED pattern it would be a toss up between

Sapphire (Anderson)

Guardian (Fenech)

Motherhood (Fenech)

Sea of Roses (Fenech)

Winged Things (Fenech)

At first Sight (Tso)

Soldier Boys (Butler)

Have you or are you stitching a HAED? Can you link to a picture? And what count are you stitching it on (etc)?

Have an update of BBP, but the batteries in my camera died at the wrong time :D




Missy Ann said...

I have the QS of Motherhood (black & white) and Sea Of Roses with the background removed. I've gone so far as have the fabric gridded for this and I've bought the floss too.

Deb said...

I have a few HAED designs and I want to get one of the Jane Wooster Scott pieces. I haven't started any of them yet, but I understand for the best clarity they are to be stitched on 25 count fabric. Check out my girl friend's blog ( - she is doing one right now.

Chiloe said...

I love a lot of HAED but couldn't stitch them (have you heard about the numbers of pages? lol ) One friend gor disapointed because you coldn't see the actual design unless you back up far enough ...

What I like with HAED is they have what they call: Quick Stitch: wonder how it takes to stitch one of this QS? lol 2 years?

Here you have a list of HAED stitchers:

Kathy A. said...

Well hello Andie.
Ahh the lure of an HAED.
I am stitching Peacock Lagoon on 25 count Lugana over one.
This is my ten year project and maybe longer!!!! The joy is in the journey.
I loved Winged Things from your list.
I am a member of the HAED SAL blog. Check out the stitching there.

Romantic Fool said...

I also love the HAED designs. I have purchased many of them. So many in fact that I've had to stop myself because I have more than I could probably finish! I am currently working on Dragon Knot, Mad Hatter Tea Party and Queen of Hearts. Now, I only have a few stitches in Tea Party and Queen of Hearts (literally) but Dragon Knot I am perhaps half way through? I do enjoy stitching on it but there are times I get bored and switch off with other projects. I have been stitching on Dragon Knot for 2 years now. I hope to finish within the next year? Yes, that's a question. I have completed two storykeeps from HAED. Those are like oversized bookmarks. Those I did in a few months. I stitch all of mine 1 over 1 on 25 count lugana or jobelan. You can see pics on my blog,

Lauralness said...

I started Mad Tea Party years ago (It's in my webshots). I haven't worked on it in a few but have recently wanted to work on it and start The Astrologer.

Mine's on 25ct Jobelan or something. I think I'm going to use firmer fabrics from now on.

Maureen said...

I'm stitching the ironically titled QS Twilight Shimmer - still going to take me forever lol! I'm using 25ct 2 over 1 - once you get into it it's pretty easy going - would love to do more but just do not have the time..

Terri said...

HI Andie...
I have over 130 haed's. I know I won't stitch all of them. I think it is a collection for me more. I am currently working on Water, Martyr's and Tarot of Dreams. You can see my pictures at

Happy Stitching.

Kathy said...

HI Andie

Oooo I do ahve some of those that you are looking at he he, they are gorgeous I sure love them myself too I was lured about 3/4 yrs ago now.

Still not finished one but I sure intend to this yr.


Kathy xxxx

Laura said...

I have a storykeep called Dea by Carrie Hawks that I love but have not yet started. Over 1 scares me a little but I am working up my courage to start it soon.

I declare

  2018 to be the year of Chatelaine I'm finishing off 2017 with Deep Blue Sea And starting off 2018 with a new start sal with my bestie ...