Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Med Mermaid progress

Thanks everyone for your tips :D

I am stitching her the way she is charted (sideways lol) I like her better this way.. I did think about turning her to stitch her but decided not to incase in my tired state I messed a symbol up... in the future sideways charts get turned lol.

Anyway here she is :D

November 4th 09 001

Its not much progress really, but now that I have my mindset sorted I should be fine lol

I will leave you with another picture from Aliyahs dedication. This is Christian.... can you tell how cheeky he is? lol

aliyah 043




Kathy said...

Great Pics of the Dedication hun, your pic of Med Mermaid is looking great hun, can't wait to see more



Blu said...

Meddy looks lovely. I love that blue stuff (what is it?) in her hair.

Kathy A. said...

Great progress on Med Mer. Love those cheeks!

Mel said...

Mermaid is looking great!! :)

Kathryn in NZ said...

She's lovely - I'd be tempted to hang her sideways when framed, she looks great either way!

Colours Of the Outback said...

I like her better sideways

Deb said...

Your mermaid is beautiful! I have a funny feeling if my sister sees this one, she's going to want me to stitch it for her.

Kim B said...

She is just lovely. And look at those sweet kiddies!

Anna M said...

Your mermaid is very pretty, I love how she is turning out on the fabric.

Tama said...

She looks great!
The dedication pics were very beautiful :D

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