Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A catch up

Well for me the Christmas holidays are extremely slow for stitching. DH is home over Christmas and he doesn't sit still, hes always got to be doing something... so I feel lazy sitting and stitching when hes rushing round cleaning up :)

In the mail on Saturday I got an amazing package from Barb. I won her giveaway for the Be True chart. Barb also included the threads and fabric for the design, a gorgeous pair of scissors and a lovely photo magnet (? correct me if I'm wrong Barb)

Thank you so much Barbara!!

I also realised that I haven't shown you the last thing I was stitching

Venetian Opulence as I last stitched on her April 20th 2009!

April 20th 09

And as I just stitched on her

vop 002

In case you can't tell, lol, I stitched more on the arch and her skin.

At the moment I am stitching more on Magnolia.

I will post an update later in the week :D




Danielle said...

Venetian Opulence is looking fab! Such great colors.

stitcheranon said...

Always good to have nice-non-bill post lol!!!!
Love the colours on your new peice..very rich.

Mel said...

Great progress on Venetian!

Blu said...

Nice progress on VO. Her colours are just fabulous!

Kim B said...

What a great package to receive! And you made great progress on your Venetian Opulence!

Anonymous said...

hi andie your stitching is looking great dont worry to much about hubby runing around by the time they get into holiday mood its time to go back to work how are all the children all home again and looking forward to another great year at school (stitchnannie)

Kathy said...

Just love VO, she is gorgeous, and congrats on your win too, what a lovely prize hun

Hugs xxxxx

Lisa M said...

Yes once Christmas is over the summer holiday's do begin to drag. Venetian opulence is coming along well. I have the be true chart - it's such a simple wee design yet so perfect!

Laural said...

Great progress!!

I am SO jealous that you have that top arch part finished!

Terri said...

Great progress. I love the Arch

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