Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope the year brings you many blessings!

*hugs* to everyone

My Goals for the year....

I really want to reduce my wip's so as long as its a current wip I can work on it, except for Letter T which needs to be started for Tarissa, Bluebell which needs to be stitched by May for my SIL and Sabrina which is a Christmas pressie from my lovely friend Lynne.

I have 4 that aren't gifts that I am choosing to get finished this year... hopefully first lol

Venetian Opulence
Butterfly -Day

Gifts needing to be finished this year are: only CDC and Bluebell have a time limit really.

CDC for Christian
Letter G
Letter T



I declare

  2018 to be the year of Chatelaine I'm finishing off 2017 with Deep Blue Sea And starting off 2018 with a new start sal with my bestie ...