Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Watergarden and Weekly Bluebell

Not much accomplished this week really

We had 2 birthdays in the house and Gabrielles Oma has come to stay for a few weeks :D

But here is what I did on Watergarden this week:

Christians 014

As you may be able to see Bethany decided it needed a bit of pink added *gasp!*

And here is Bluebell :D

Christians 015

I hope you are all well.

Mike is away again until the 31st *sigh* I really hate it!




crash01 said...

gosh i will have to pull watergarden out again or you will catch me up but just so many things to stitch where will i find the time gee hope mike doesnt hav e to go away to many more times i feel for you chin up and push on the days will go quick hugs to you and family patricia

T. Whitesell said...

Love both pieces, they are coming along great. I've got to go checkout the Watergarden piece, that one may need to be added to my to-stitch list.

Mel said...

Both pieces look lovely.

Kim B said...

Beautiful pieces Andie. Good luck getting by while Mike is gone. You can do it.

Blu said...

They're both lovely!

ilovejack34 said...

Great work on the Watergarden.
Love the Bluebell. Love the colours in her, Great work!!

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