Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello again :D

And if you stuck around to read my blog when I came back thanks! :D

A little explanation of my disappearance. Mike was away so much and I felt like I wasn't coping very well at all. I felt like blogging was just another thing I had to do, instead of being something I enjoyed. So..... Mike finally got home for good last Thursday. He was so sweet and surprised me, he got home 5 days early and just turned up :D

Well to catch up :D

I started Januarys Garnet Fairy:

May 31st '10

I'm stitching her on Countrystitch Kiwi Illusions Paua, 32ct lugana

I also finished Mikes stocking:

Mikes Stocking

I also stitched on Sabrina and CDC a bit, but will catch you up on them next time I stitch on them

Hope everyone is well




Fiona said...

welcome back!! Aww it was so sweet of him to surprise you like that, well done on Garnet fairy so far, she's looking stunning :)

Virpi said...

That fairy looks really pretty.

Yvonne said...

Welcome home, Mike! I did miss seeing your wips' progresses. Garnet is stunning on this fabric. You changed my mind about Countrystitch's fabrics. I used to think they are plain - they look like 1 colour on my computer screen. Your Paua looks really lovely here.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress. Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Andie! I missed you. Love your new look blog :o)

Garnet is beautiful, really beautiful and I bet Mike was really pleased with his stocking.

Tracy said...

Welcome back! I just started to blog again, too. Working two jobs, finishing grad school and being a mom was exhausting!

Your stitching is lovely, as always.

Laural said...

Yay stitching projects! I can't wait to see what garnet fairy looks like finished "IRL"

Mel said...

welcome back!
Garnet Fairy looks very pretty

Rachael said...

Aww what a nice surprise him coming back early, Glad you had a rest from blogging and came back I love seeing what you are stitching on.
Beautiful progress

Kathy A. said...

Welcome back hon. Sure understand needing some time. Being a single parent is tough work!
Love your Garnet fairy - she is gorgeous.
And the stocking - wonderful.

Sally said...

Welcome back! Garnet Fairy is looking gorgeous and I love the stocking.

Jo said...

really pleased to hear Mike is back home, and you are back blogging. Great stitching progress, love the stocking!

crash01 said...

great news andie haveing mike home and your stitching is beautiful as always take care hugs

omashee aka Barb said...

Andie, I'm soooo glad you're back and Mike's home to stay. I understand how it can be when DH goes away & you're left to cope. I never signed up to be a single parent!!
I'm with you on the 'one at a time'. Unless I get really bored with something I pretty much stay with it. That doesn't mean I don't have a HUGE pile of UFOs.
Loving January's Garnet! One of my favorite stones.

Joysze said...

Welcome back! I've missed reading your posts. :)

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