Monday, June 07, 2010


7th June '10

Well I have decided to stitch one project at a time. So Garnet is it and then CDC which I really need to finish :D For Chats I am going to allow myself the amount of time it takes me to complete a large Mira and then if I need a break I will do a smaller project and then back to the Chat. I think I really do prefer one at a time.... its just those projects that are huge like Chats or boring like CDC for the 2nd time that have stopped me.

Mike has to go away for work again! *sigh* but its only during the week at least, he will be home on weekends. He will be home for my birthday but he will be away for Aliyahs. Which is really horrid! I'm so sick of it!!

I have sent a couple of pieces off to the framers. Aliyahs little A and Enchanted Mermaid, I can't wait to get them back!




Tracy said...

Looks like you're doing a lot of work. I'm only working on one project at a time too and not starting anything until December.

Can't wait to see the framed pieces!

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous Andie. She's definitely more pink than I thought she'd be. She looked very red on the Mira site when she first came out.

Lesleyanne said...

She is beautiful. Lovely stitching.

Mel said...

Holy mother of stitching! You sure have stitched fast there Andie! She looks amazing!

Mel said...

she is just beautiful!

That sucks that you will be on your own for a bit. More stitching time b/c of it?

Chiloe said...

Oh my Andie! Once again you chose the right fabric for the right project !!! You are so talented in making the right choices! It's beautiful !!! ♥

Joysze said...

I'm with ya on the one at a time stitching. Garnet is looks awesome! Gosh. I'm sorry to hear that Mike has to go away again, but I'm glad that you'll have him back for the weekends. Hang in there.

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