Thursday, December 09, 2010

My OaaT might be

disappearing..... but hey I have no set reason why I want to OaaT, and maybe I just need to go with the flow a bit.....

For December I am sticking with Celtic Spring.... I should be able to get her finished.... well the stitching anyway *fingers crossed*

In January there is a contest starting over on the Enchanted Fabrics board for New Year New Start, details will be up for that soon. Although I won't be entering it, cause I am a moderator over there I am going to join the Mirabilia Mermaids SAL on the Mirabilia board and thought I would combine the two.

Also a new Mirabilia RR is starting up, and I really want to join in. I signed up ages ago!

So there you have it..... I'm not telling on myself, and I still intend to stitch from stash, but I wanted to share all the cool things coming up in the New Year :D




Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your plans. Can't wait to see your are stitching.

Rachel said...

It sounds like a fun year ahead to me!! I tend to go back and forth, Oaat, not Oaat, Oaat, not Oaat, and so on and so on. As long as you are happy, enjoying your hobby/passion/obsession, that's all that matters!

Celtic Spring is one of my favorites! I stitched her a few years ago, and I just love looking at her hanging on my wall :)

I can't wait to stitch for you in the Mira RR!! :)

Rocky Mountain Stitcher said...

looking forward to the Mira Sal also see you over there.

Joysze said...

Way I see it, we're happiest when we stitch the way we wanna stitch, and it sounds like a new start and the Mira RR is going to work wonders with your stitching mojo. So I'll be cheering you on and waiting for WIPs. :D

Measi said...

I'm still sitting on the fence with the Mira RR, but I have to admit I'm starting to tip over to the "do it!" side. :)

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