Monday, January 17, 2011


is so much easier than I thought! I did my first lot of specialty stitches and they weren't hard at all..... now they were probably the easiest ones but I already know how to do eyelets and the rhodes look pretty basic too :D

Anyway here are my pictures :D

Christians 014

17th Jan '11

and yes that is pink on my fabric.... thanks be to Miss Bethany and her highlighter stage..... I'm hoping most of it is covered by stitching.

Now I have to tell you something before you think I fell off the wagon :D I sold some of my fabric stash (need to update my list) and it was decided (by Heidi, Vanessa and Myrns) that I could spend money earnt on selling stash to replace stash lol so I have signed up for Winter Watergarden and bought the kit as well :D
Also.... not sure if I told y'all my son gave me some xmas money to spend on a pattern, I gave him some I liked to choose from and he chose Charlotte.... good boy :D
And my lovely friend Mel sent me a birthday pressie.... it was 6 months late (lol) but was so worth waiting for and included A womans world in cross stitch, a piece of PTP crystal mercedes and BEST of ALL!! A Bon Jovi t-shirt and bag from the concert she went to :D Thanks so much Mel!!
Oh AND on the 31st Dec, Polstitches had a sale and I spent my Xmas GC for there for a piece of sale fabbie and got two other pieces as well........ think I have confessed all :D




Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on Watergarden. They say confession is good for the soul.

Joysze said...

Oh Andie, Watergarden is looking fabulous!! I have to admit I leaned in to where my nose was almost touching the monitor and couldn't see Bethany's love gift!

I think that's an awesome way to get a new chart.... making money selling old stash you don't need anymore. :D Will you be starting Winter Watergarden soon?

Andie said...

Thanks you two :D I'd love to start WWG soon as it arrives Joyce, but the Marlitt floss has been discontinued and they are waiting on Martina for a replacement... then I guess I have to wait for them to get it in at European XS... hopefully not too long :D

Pauline said...

Doesn't that feel better now that you've confessed?! Watergarden looks just beautiful Andie.

Yikes to the pink highlighter! Reminds me of the permanent black texta that made its way onto my navy leather lounge...

Terri said...

Great stitching Andie. I have this one started as well but needless to say not a lot accomplished on it lol

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

Andie, you may still be able to find a Marlit. Sew and So still have a few. (uk, but will post overseas) Have a quick surf on the net and if you can't find one in NZ I will post one to you! xx

You are so quick, I can't believe how much of your Watergarden you have done already. I'm going to be really worried about keeping up with you!!!!

Rachel said...

It looks so gorgeous Andie!!! I really had to stare at it to see Bethany's little gift, it is so hard to see, I wouldn't worry about it at all :) You have made amazing progress on it, and you are really tempting me to start my Chatelaine!!!

I love your philosophy of selling stash to buy stash, that is what I have always done :) Any money I make selling old stash, I buy new stash! I don't think that's falling off the wagon at all :) My DH gave me money for Christmas with the strict rule I could only spend it at the LNS, so I am going to do that today :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Those colors really POP!

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