Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not coping

I have to say, this time Mike is away I have really not been coping very well. I have been very down and struggling to get thru the day. That has been compounded by the fact that since I have been "hiding" reading all the time I have been staying up way too late and so after being woken twice in the night by Miss I like to wake my mother (Aliyah) and then being up at 6 with Bethany I have been getting more and more and more tired. Along with the emotional/mental drain of being a temporarily single Mum to 6 children (3 of them teenagers). Today I told Mike on the phone how I really wasn't coping this time and he is so sweet do you know what he said?! "Honey you are more important to me than anything, if you keep feeling this way I will just quit this job and come home even if it means we loose the house and everything"!!! Talk about make me feel important!! So..... funny enough it has snapped me out of my doldrums and put me back into the mood to live my life instead of hiding in a book.

SO! Back to normal programming lol

I have been reading thru the rotationers BB trying to feel inspired and have decided on a new/old rotation (lol) I know I know I can hear you sighing from here.... not another rotation :D But it seems to be the way I go, rotation, change, change, change, OAAT, rotation, change, change, change

So my new rotation (for now)

5 projects + Mira rr

Maximum 3 Miras
Minimum of 5 hours per piece, maximum of 10 hours
Must work 5 hours on all projects before starting over again, but can be worked in any order
After 3 finishes I can start something new (excluding stockings which is swapped for another stocking until I have completed them all)
My Mira rr piece will be worked on until completion then I will rotate thru my own pieces

My pieces are:

Winter Watergarden (Chat)
Dawn (PR)
Charlotte (Mira)
Letter G (Mira)
Aliyahs Stocking (SB)

Thanks for listening to me whine, I find that it helps me to write my thoughts out.... I should do it more often.... but not necessarily here lol



P.S Can someone leave me the addy for the Needle Haven board? My firefox crashed and I lost all my links, its the only one I can't find THANKS!!!

PPS: Ok, I have changed my mind about this rotation 3 times now so I guess it won't work for me.... not sure what I'm gonna do...... :-\


Lindsay said... There you go

Lesleyanne said...

I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be for you when your husband is away. Good luck with your stitching plans.

Ginger_Curls said...

We don't know each other at all - but when I read posts like this one I hear so much of myself that it feels like I do know you. I also hide in books when I'm not coping and stay up way too late making myself even tireder and less likely to cope! You're right - writing about your feelings helps. I often sit and write about what's going on and it helps me to work out why I'm not coping and find solutions. I don't show it to anyone, it's just for me, but it really helps. I'm glad you're feeling stronger and I hope it lasts until your hubby gets home.

Joysze said...

((((Andie)))) I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you when Mike is away. How awesome is he though, to put you so absolutely first and make you feel so loved. :D

Your rotation sets my head a spinning, girl!!! LOL! But I'm glad to see Winter Watergarden in there.

Yany said...

I'm sending you hugs Andie!!!

Julie said...

Good luck with the rotation

Hope life improves for you and you start to feel much brighter

Pauline said...

I can't imagine either how hard it is with your DH being away and having 6 children to look after. My DH is away occasionally for around one week at a time, but I only have one child to look after, and he's older than your 3 little ones. My DH used to work night, afternoon and day shift and 3 out of 5 weekends and that was very hard when Nicholas was little. Now he only works day and afternoon shift and 2 out of 3 weekends. I guess I'm kinda used to him not being here at 'normal' times. And of course, I know he'll be home at some stage!

However, I really don't know how single parents survive.

As for your OAAT or rotation, I switch between those 2 modes all the time!

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