Monday, May 30, 2011

Aliyahs stocking

Here she is "finished"  the stitching not the finishing lol :D

Aliyahs stocking finished

You can't see from the photo but I changed her hair, I used pale yellow and did a heap of french knots, I really like the way they worked out.

Onto Chatelaines..... Oh My Gosh! I have fallen in love with Autumn Knotgarden I already love Summer and Spring and Frosty Knotgardens.... I'm going to have to get them!!! But Autumn first lol
I think I am truely going to become a Chat addict.... and thats VERY bad for my wallet lol




Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish.

Rachel said...

Aliyah's stocking is wonderful!! You stitched that up pretty quick too.

I say there is nothing wrong with being a Chatelaine Addict (I have come to the conclusion that I am now an addict as well!).

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous little stocking Andie. It will be a treasure for sure. Have you done stockings for all the others. I would love to see them.

Joysze said...

Congrats! It's lovely, Andie.

Hahaha about Chats. Another one bites the dust and isn't it so much fun?? :D I joined the Autumn Knotgarden group when the picture was released. Couldn't resist. Hehehehe.

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Chats are addictive. They're a little bit like Lays potato chips: You can't just do one!!! Can't wait to see your progress on your first Chat, and grats on the finish!!

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