Friday, May 20, 2011


I have added a poll to my side bar.  I've asked my family for $$ for my birthday.... I'm making it a tradition to buy a Chat kit for my birthday pressie (last year.... or was it the year before?!  I got Mystery X....can't wait to start that!)

I am so enjoying stitching WWG in its "parts" as opposed to the daunting look of Watergarden in all its pages :D  That I want to get the patterns as PDF's.

So your choices are:

Autumn Watergarden (to join Watergarden and WWG)
Venice Mandala
Medieval Town Mandala
Summer Knotgarden
Spring Knotgarden
Peacock Garden (This photo belongs to Jess)

*edited to add links for the pattern names*

Looking forward to seeing your votes :D  If you vote can you please comment saying why you chose the piece?




P.S 2 posts in 1 day!!!!


Kathryn in NZ said...

Medieval Town Mandala - it was the first Chatelaine design I'd seen, it had been stitched by Smokey in the Netherlands and it looked AMAZING when finished. Loved the colours.

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

I chose peacock, I just adore it and wish I had taken the Chatelaine plunge a year earlier and stitched it. I'm not ruling it out as a future project. On any wall it is sure to be a show stopper xxxxx

Rachel said...

Oh wow, what a decision!! Can I vote for all of them??? :D

I voted for Medieval Town Mandala, only because I love it so much and I am stitching it right now! But they are all so gorgeous, there is no way I could make a decision on my own. I see why you are taking a poll!!

Mel said...

Hey Andie, let me know where you want to buy whichever one you want from. I'll get you a voucher from that place to go towards it.

Mel said...

Had I looked at the links before I commented I could have guessed! I like the last 2 but only because I like the colours.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I said Autumn because you're doing Winter already and I'm obsessed with sets of things!
But I love all of them. Jess's photo is gorgeous and gives the peacocks an unfair advantage!

Joysze said...

Well... what a great birthday tradition to start, Andie. ;)

AUTUMN AUTUMN AUTUMN for me.... firstly, cos I loooove this chart, and am thinking of stitching it down the line and secondly, wouldn't it make the most spectacular companion to Winter? ;)

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