Thursday, June 02, 2011


Hey Charlie from Charbs and the Bumpy Dog!!!

I can't comment on your posts (there is a way to fix in the post below if you want)  I just wanted to let you know I think your Winter Watergarden update is GORGEOUS!!!




Ineke said...

I couldn't either when I used Explorer browser. But Firefox did work without problems.
I hope this works for you too.

Charbsandthebumpydog said...

Bless you Andie! I was just looking at Joysze blog when I saw my name appear suddenly at the side of her page on the new posts list. Blogger has been very strange lately and I'm not great with technology. I'll blog surf now for a solution, thank you. :-)

Andie said...

Charlie if you go to my post a few down its this one Daffycat has said what to do to fix it :D Hope its sorted soon :D

Joysze said...

Andie, you're an angel!!! I think everyone should change their comments to pop ups, don't you? Like I commented on Charlie's blog.. it's less time waiting for the comment page to load and more time to drool over pics. ;)

And, you had a great point about the rotation.... I mean, non-rotation!! HAHAHAHA!

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