Thursday, June 02, 2011

June Goals

Well since I'm stitching again I am also setting goals :D
For June I would like to:

Finish Summer Queens head and hair (not counting beads)

Put the BF on Saphy that I didn't have and has now arrived, finish her wings and arms and maybe the middle part of her sash (obi?)

Finish Part 2 of WWG and hopefully start part 3

Start and Finish Gabrielles stocking

Do you set goals?




Mel said...

I set goals, I never achieve them though.
Yours sound do-able for you :) I am sure you will get it done.

My mind has been on cakes lately.

Rachel said...

I used to hate setting goals, for the simple fact as I never met them. This year I decided to try again, and so far I have done really well. :)

Good luck with meeting your goals, I have faith that you will meet them all! :)

Joysze said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait to see all those pics.

I don't set solid goals like that.... I find that I don't do well with them. I do set goals like "finish this color by tonight." LOL!

Rahenna said...

No short-term goals for me, I tend to slack off for weeks at a time, then stitch like a madwoman for a few days. :) I think more in terms of "what I want to finish this year" and see where that takes me!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I started setting monthly and annual goals on the Needle & Thread forum. I make them achievable!

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