Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chatelaine's DMC conversions :D

Hey everyone :D

Well Herbularius is just about to be released and the floss list is up.... I sersiously can't afford to buy the kit this time and I'm thinking about using the conversion to DMC.

So my questions are:

Have you used the DMC conversion?

What do you do when there is no DMC number listed?

Have you been happy with the finished piece?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.




Mel said...

Had no idea what you were talking about, had a look. OUCH. That is expensive. I hope someone can help you with your question

Rachel said...

I am using the DMC conversion on my Chinese Garden and am very happy with it! Fortunately there is a DMC number listed for all the silks. I would think you could look at the color online and try to find a good match? I am thinking Martina might not list a DMC if the silk is heavily variegated. You could also try some hand-dyed cotton threads too (like GAST etc.).

I think that as long as you are happy with the piece, it doesn't matter what threads you stitch it with! :) I will most likely be using DMC for everyone Chatelaine I stitch now (except for Medieval Town, since I already bought all the silks, before realizing I could have saved about $50 if I had ordered the kit from ECC!!!)

ana~stitch said...

Andie - I use almost exclusively DMC conversions and have for the most part been happy! It does take some work, though, looking at threads online and converting them, sometimes to DMC variegated. Sometimes I wait till someone else puts up a wip piccie so I can try to match colors.
I was also thinking about starting Herbie, but it's got sooooo many variegated, and similar colors that I sort of got turned off. I think I'll wait and see...

mdgtjulie said...

I've only kitted one Chat, but I used the silks. I can't imagine any reason I wouldn't take the time to save up the money to buy the silks. I've heard people say it's just as good with DMC, but I can't imagine that it is as she uses so many variegated flossies.

Kathy said...

I only ever use the silks hun, so sorry I can't help you here. What I tend to do is, if I can't afford the kit all at once, is just buy the threads a month at a time when the parts come out, from online shops and just buy the beads from ECC.


Patches said...

i've not used a DMC conversion, though with japanese I did convert the NPI to vikki claytons threads. It did take time, but I am pleased with how it looks. Honestly that is what matters. I did buy all the variegated silks though. I couldn't bring myself to convert them.

Really I think it comes down to money vs. what you really want. If you really want it and can only afford a convert, then do it.

Sarah said...

I stitched my first couple of Chats with the charted silks, then I discovered Vikki's silks are very affordable and she has really good conversions to the Gloriana silks and with a little work, I've found good conversions to the others. Shoot me an e-mail to sarahkrieser @ gmail dot com (remove the spaces and change the dot) and I'll share what I've come up with. Then you can check out her website to see what you think. I've saved a lot of money converting my Chats to HDF!!

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