Friday, July 22, 2011

PR sal

Hey everyone is PR sal weekend over on the PR board :D   So if you have a PR wip.... or want to start one why don't you come over and join us?  :D

It was a toss up for me whether to pull out Dawn the Dreaded or my barely started Serendipity Fae,  I wasn't totally sure on my fabric Choice for SF cause her wings don't stand out on the fabric, but after doing many, many, many, floss tosses I have decided to stick with what I have and to backstitch the wings after :D

This is not a good photo, the fabric is Tropical Sunset(? Sunrise?) from Enchanted Fabrics and is yellows and oranges....... anyway!  I have decided to stitch on Serendipity for the sal

So rotation.......?  What?!  Rotation?  What?!!!  I can't hear you!  What did you say?  Rotation?.......?  haha

I got this idea in my head for a conversion for a Mira I was planning to do eventually, I played with floss stitched one bird on WWG went to bed and in the morning it was still running around my head so I pulled off WWG, looked at fabrics, put some stitches in, pulled some out and put different ones in......

Can you guess what it is? 

I absolutley adore this fabric!  Mel gave it to me years ago and I have been waiting for the perfect pattern for it, although a few have come along that I loved their floss colours didn't work at the time I was sad but not anymore :D

Here is Aliyah

And here is Bethany

They are both going thru a "take a photo of me" whenever they see the camera stage, which is really nice :D

Well thats it from me today :D




Rachael xxx said...

Your girls have grown so much!!
Oo I do love that second fabric!!

Mel said...

wow, don't they look alike. I'm dying to find out what your stitching on my fabby! reistede

Pauline said...

Gorgeous fabric and cutie pie girls- great post!

mdgtjulie said...

Your girls are cute Andie. Love the kids' photos. And I don't know what you're stitching, but that fabby is smashing!! Just gorgeous!!! Love your PR SAL too. I would bs the wings too, but it's a lovely, glittery color you're using.

Lesleyanne said...

Your girls are gorgeous. Have fun with the PR Sal. Lovely fabric.

Joysze said...

Oh, I like the sparkly thread!

I have no earthly idea what the Mira is, but the fabbie is yummy!!! :D

Awww, just look at those cute faces. Aliyah and Bethany are absolutely adorable, Andie. :D

Wendy said...

I have totally no idea.....
but the fabric is lovely !

love the photo´s of the girls.
any luck on finding the stargazing fabric yet ?
it is so great indeed !

Anonymous said...

Is that Mira the 'Mermaids of the Deep Blue' design? It looks eerily familiar... :D
Love the fabbie, I'm a big fan of the sparklies.

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