Monday, July 18, 2011

Stocking update and a new Rotation :D

Well I stitched on Gabrielles stocking for a few days

Gabrielles stocking

Gabrielles Stocking

Then I pulled out Lady A for the weekend, but I had lots of pain on Saturday so took some awesome pain killers..... alas they put me to sleep.  Then Saturday night Mike and I watched a movie together.  Sunday afternoon was looking good for some stitching time (Mike does things with the girls) but then someone from church asked for help with shifting so I only got a couple of hours stitching time last night... instead of my lovely Sunday afternoon.

I have decided on a new rotation... at least until the end of the year or until my ob stitching is done.  I was thinking either really big or really small and have decided on as small as I can get, partly thanks to Jo and her TaaT (not tart lol Jo)  except mine is ToTaaT (not too tart lol)  which is 1 part of Chatelaine, rest of the month stitching on one piece.  To start with the pieces will be the stockings I need to get done, then Deepest Love which I need to get stitched for my niece, then Summer Queen for Issy.  The third thing will be the Mira round robin (until that finishes at the end of the year).

As I am not starting this til next month I have totally thrown my goals away and am stitching on Lady A from now, except when the beads finally (hopefully) arrive for the Mira RR I have nearly completed and maybe to finish Part 5 of WWG (not sure how long those over 1 birdies are going to take lol)




Rachel said...

Gabrielle's stocking looks great! You made some major progress on it! :)

I get too confused with rotations now, (I have tried so many different ways in the past) so I just stitch on what I want, lol. Sometimes I finish things, other times I don't, lol!

Tracy J said...

So cute!

mdgtjulie said...

You've made a huge amount of progress on your stocking. It's looking good. Good luck with your rotation. I can't wait to see your progress on Lady A too!!

Joysze said...

Holy moly, Andie, you've gotten gobs done on Gabrielle's stocking. It's so cute!!!

Too tart..... ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! You're too funny!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like Rachel's idea! Frankly any stitching is good for me.

Thanks for the laugh at my little joke :-)

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