Monday, July 11, 2011

Yummy Yummy Chatelaine Yumminess

Well........ MY AUTUMN WATERGARDEN KIT ARRIVED TODAY!!!  Can you tell I am happy?!!! 

Also I finally decided on fabric for Secret Victorian Garden and it arrived the other day too..... I pulled all the threads out of the baggies and did a floss toss and it is perfect, just like I imagined it! 

So..... for you One at a timers.... how do you resist all these deliciously yummy starts?

And for those of you who have multiple wips, including multiple Chats, how do you work it?......   (I'm thinking Ineke and Ana here by the way :D)

Can you hear these gorgeous Chats calling screaming my name?!  lol

So although I sometimes like to stitch OAAT I love having lots of new starts..... should I just go with the flow and enjoy my stitching or try and be disciplined and torture myself?  lol




StitchCat said...

Go with the flow Andie...much more fun I think :)

Lesleyanne said...

Go with the flow. It is a hobby and you are supposed to enjoy yourslef not torture yourself.

wendy111 said...

Go with the flow - I do! i can't resist starting some of them, and one day I will finish!!!! I just stitch what I feel like stitching (while trying to keep up with Baroque Garden)

I love getting all the floss and fabric for a new start.

Ineke said...

Go with the flow and enjoy is my advise too!
I work on the wip that is screaming the loudest of the pile. Sometimes I make a plan to finish a certain part of it before I switch to another project.

Rachel said...

I am definitely not a one at a timer! I just go with what feels right, lol. The first of the month is spent working on Chinese Garden, then after that is the two UFO RRs, and the Mira RR. When those are all done I move onto something else. Right now that something else is a present for a friend. I used to be a one at at timer way back when, but then I couldn't start all these wonderful new things!!! :)

geeky Heather said...

Go with the flow! Dooooo...eeeeeet.... =) Feel like junior high school??!?

There are as many ways to handle multiple WIPs as there are stitchers, but some of the major ones are
**Time based: Do 10 hours (or whatever) on each project in your "rotation", then move on. You can use the calendar rather than the clock: Stitch a week on a project, then switch.
**Goal based: Pick a motif, area, or number of stitches and complete that before moving to the next project
**Focus based: This can be a variation of Time or Goal based. Basically, pick one project as your "focus". Then your rotation goes focus, project 1, focus, project 2, focus, project 3, focus, etc.
**Interest based: Move on whenever you get bored! =)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm a TAAT (that's 2 at a time, not a tart!). One daytime, one evening project. So if something is really screaming at me I can start it in the first available space. For exampler - The Dark Alphabet SAL is sometimes a day project and sometimes an evening one, depending on which time slot is free first.
Having the next "must-stitch" lined up is a great way to keep the mojo going on the current project too.
I also find something which appears as a "must stitch" when I first see it isn't always so essential when it's turn comes. So I'm always stitching the genuine loves of my life rather than the screaming brats who shouted loudest at the time!

Maureen said...

i've found that working a rotation is the way for me as that way i get to work on everything i want to, just working for a couple of nights on each project.

Joysze said...

Enjoy yourself!!!!! LOL!!!! Do I count as an OAATer or a multiple Chats? HAHAHAHAH!!! I have it easier though, I hate starts. ;)

What I told one of my friends about the Chats (even if you have the full pattern) is treat it like a class. Section it into parts and you can have your own class and pace yourself.

So, should I ask which one you'll be starting? ;)

ana~stitch said...

Sorry Andie, just noticed this post :) I have what"s known as a "screaming rotation" lol , I work on whatever"s calling me at the time. I really can"t push through on only OAAT because I get deathly bored of it, and then can"t touch it for months. It just works better for me to have a selection to work on, tho I try to keep my focus pieces to 4-5. That way I have some hope of finishing a few things> :)

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