Sunday, August 07, 2011

Mid year round up :D (goals)

Well I thought it would be interesting to see what my goals were at the beginning of the year and how I'm going with them...

Well stitching from stash?  A big fat NO!

Complete SSM?  Yes!

Start and finish MotDB (Kris's conversion) -  Have started my own conversion instead

Finish Rose of Sharon (Red conversion) - Haven't touched her!

Participate in Mira RR on the WWRR board - Yes!

Start and Finish Lilac pixie - Nope

Start and Finish Amaryllis pixie - Stitched part of her for the Mira rr.... does that count? lol

Stitch 6 SB stockings and make up 8 (lol)  - Stitched 2 made up none yet

Finish Butterfly - Day - Haven't touched it

Finish Dawn - don't think I've touched it

Finish Blossom Harvest - Haven't touched it

Start and maybe finish Deepest Love for Jasmyne - Planning to start it

Start and Finish Letters K and T and finish Letter G - Finshed Letter G!  Haven't started T cause Tarissa decided she wanted SQ for her next birthday.  Am not going to stitch Letter K

Maybe Start Celtic Winter for Mum - Nope

Maybe another Mira Mermaid for the Mermaid sal - I guess MotDB conversion counts?

Goals for the rest of the year

Stitch 3 maybe 4 more stockings and make them up

Start Deepest Love for Jasmyne

Stitch MX up to end of Part 3

Stitch WWG to end of Part 8

Finish Lady Alexandra

Finish MotDB conversion

Stitch I AM for Mike

Finish Iris

hahaha  I like writing lists - will see how it goes :)




Rachel said...

Good luck Andie!! I know I haven't done as well as you on the yearly goal thing, lol. There is a lot I haven't even thought of after I wrote them down!!

mdgtjulie said...

I have to admit, I'm impressed by anyone who meets some of their goals. I so rarely set them, as I almost never meet them!!! I set one for MH and one for Jesus, and am doing well on them. Met MH and will hopefully continue at the same rate to meet Jesus. We shall see!!! I hope you meet all of your second half goals, Andie. You're ambitious too!!! Good luck!!

Rachael xxx said...

Good luck with your list, I am hopeless at keeping to what I say I am going to do

Joysze said...

*THUD!!!!!!* Quick, get me some smelling salts. LOL!!!

I'll be cheering you on, you know I will. :)

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