Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend stuff!

I finished Gabrielles stocking! YAY! Thought it would never be done!!

Gabrielles Stocking

I'm stitching on WWG now :D

I got my Wade back last night! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!
We had a lovely day, Wades flight was due in at 5:20pm so we decided to do the trip in stages as Aliyah doesn't travel well.

We left at 8:30am and drove an hour to Ashburton where Tarissa has church friends and was taking the opportunity to spend the day. We went to their church and it was nice to go somewhere different and meet some new people. They sang different songs than we do too so that was fun :D

After church we drove to Lake Hood, about 10 or 15 minutes down the road, where we had our picnic. Its a man made lake, I wasn't that impressed but the kids liked it, even though the ducks were so well fed they didn't bother coming to eat their unwanted sandwiches.

Then we drove back into Ashburton and went to the Domain and fed their ducks..... they were very happy with the food we offered. We had a walk around the gardens there and down to the childrenss play area. It had a great playground :D

We got back in the car and thankfully Aliyah and Bethany fell asleep for the next hours drive to Christchurch (which was our plan) We had a bit of a drive around and the damage from the earthquakes is still very visible, in the roads that are now pretty badly repaired and the buildings that are now demolished and the few obviously (from the outside) damaged ones. But overall its a city that seems to have pulled itself back together and is moving on, traffic was less than normal though and I must admit to that being nice.

Wades flight was 40 minutes late so once he got through customs the girls were rather scratchy but we were all very happy to see him, and he to see us. He ended up having a good time with his Dad which I am very glad for. He says he might even go back again (he was planning not to at one stage)

The girls fell asleep halfway thru the drive home with only minimal screaming from Aliyah (phew!) it helped she had her Wade sitting next to her I think :D

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend!




mdgtjulie said...

Grats on finishing your ornie, and I'm glad everyone was happy to see Wade. It's always nice to be with family. Well, most of the time... LOL, glad his flight wasn't too late, or the kids would have needed to be scraped off the ceiling!

Patches said...

Love the stocking.

Glad the trip went okay. Traveling with kids is always shall we say interesting?

Stitching Sweetie said...

Yeah on Wade being home & Gabrielle's stocking being done!

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

It's long drive for little ones - I remember it seemed to take forever between Kaiapoi and Geraldine when we were kids... now, it's just a quick trip down the road, lol, when you compare it to the distances we travel in Oz...

Anonymous said...

I know you did'nt enjoy doing this one but its one off my favourites. Looks great asalways, hugs. Lynne

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