Friday, November 11, 2011

Wades stocking

I started Wades stocking, but have now put it away again.  The last piece of the Mira RR has arrived and I want to get it finished and sent on its way home :D


I have also been naughty and bought the chart for Miras Merchant Mermaid, she grew on me very quickly and now I am obsessed.  I can't wait for her to arrive.  I probably wouldn't have succumbed except I needed a few more perle threads for Wades stocking :D




Joysze said...

Wade's stocking is so cool!!!! I love the subject matter. :D Ooooh. Miras!! Can't wait to see the pics. ;)

stitchnannie said...

love your stockings andie they are so cool where did you get the charts from here in nz or send away for them

Lesleyanne said...

Your stocking is looking gorgeous.

Jan said...

The stocking looks great. Love the colours. I have stitched three of the stockings and loved doing them all.

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