Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

No picture yet sorry!  I am about one third of the way thru part one and I need a new light!  *sigh*  I've sent away for a new one, so I should have it this week and I can get back to it, I wasn't enjoying it cause I couldn't see anything.

My neglected Lady A has been pulled out :D  In reality I should be stitching on Deepest Love to get it done but the thought made me cringe...... lol

Have you guys seen the new releases?

I love Waterlily from Mirabilia

Isn't she beautiful?!

And I am also in love with Martinas latest release.... Spring Watergarden!!!  I really need to get this to make my set and I love that it has dragonflies!  And I love the wee fishies in the pond! 

But seriously I am going back on the wagon and not getting either of them, just adding them to my wishlist.  I'm intending to save up til the end of the year and have a big splurge then :D  I have so many things kitted up or mostly kitted up its pretty ridiculous!  So  here I go trying again :D

Thanks for stopping by, photo next time :D




Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new chart.

Gems said...

Ill be popping back to see your WIP hehe! Love the new chart, isnt it just lovely, good luck with your goals for 2012 - I should really think about my goals this year! Lol

Love G XX

Rachael G said...

Oh that is a pretty design, are you getting it?

Bernice said...

I love Waterlily, the colors are so pretty

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

She is pretty, but like you I'm trying to resist this year!

Mel said...

I love em!

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