Saturday, January 07, 2012

Winter Watergarden

Part 7 is done!  Yay!  I also started part 8 :D

I have really enjoyed getting back into this and there really isn't that much more to go!  Part 8 is the gates and parts 9, 10, 11 and 12 are adding detail and birds to the outer corners!

My threads for Deep Blue Sea have not arrived yet :(  So now I am tossing up what to stitch on next.  I am supposed to be joing a sal on the Love for Stitchalongs board for Joan Elliots Water Goddess but I am thinking of delaying or pulling out :(  I have so many wips and obligation pieces I don't know if I can spend the time on it and I am starting to stress about it.  I don't want my mojo to disappear again from stress!

My eldest daughter is having a few issues, with her Dad and her health.  She wanted Summer Queen for her 16th but has suggested delaying it until her 18th and has asked for the Letter T instead, I would really like to get it done for her by her 16th in March.... so I think I just answered my own question!  I will start the Letter T and stitch until I get my threads, stitch part 1 of Deep Blue Sea and then see what that date is :D

Hope the year is going well for you all!




Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

It looks fantastic! I wish I were able to make as much progress on my Chatelaine. It has been a WIP since 2007:) I can't wait to see you start Deep Blue Sea. The thumbnail pic I saw looked lovely.

Lesleyanne said...

Looks great. Look forward to seeing your new start.

Rachel said...

Your Winter Watergarden looks amazing, Andie!! I hope your threads arrive for Deep Blue Sea soon, it's so pretty once you start stitching on it! :)

I hope everything works out with your daughter. (((Hugs)))

Wendy said...

what a lovely piece, your winter garden !
I haven´t stitched any Chathelaine myselff, but seeing these photo´s makes me want to stitch one to !

I hope there are no big problems with your daughters health ???

Susan said...

Your Chatelaine is beautiful!

T.J. said...

I just love the little cardinals and the gates. Such a lovely project!

Stitching Sweetie said...

Big hugs to T! I hope she is feeling better soon!

So sorry to hear about WG. Maybe you'll be less stressed & can join us soon.

Joysze said...

Andie, it's gorgeous!!!!!!

Hmm.... I agree about the JE. Don't do it. It's not worth having your mojo disappear.

Letter T is a great idea. Should be a quickie and then you'll have your DBS threads. :D Sorry to hear DD is having a tough time. Hope she feels better soon and things work out with her dad.

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