Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yeah Yeah... I'm still here........

I got new glasses, no more headaches!  Yay!!

I haven't stitched much recently, between the headaches and the reading kick I was on well.... ya know :D

At the moment I am stitching on Maidenhair Pixie (Nora Corbett)  Not much longer and she will be finished and then I will get back to Waterlilly

This pic was taken on my ipod so the fabric colour looks a bit off, the light bits are a pale green :D  This is Autumn Dayz from Colours of the Outback on opal lugana, I love her fabrics!!

I'm not rotating at the moment, I'm just gonna stitch whatever screams the loudest :D

Hope you haven't missed me too much ;)




Lesleyanne said...

Your pixie looks great. Glad your new glasses have kicked the headaches into touch.

stitchnannie said...

i like that fabric are they expensive your stitching is beautiful as allways

dulcinella said...

Adorable project! It already looks stunning on this picture, so I guess in reality it is breathtaking. Good to hear you've got new glasses.

milly said...


Good news about your glasses.

Maidenhair pixie is just beautiful as is Waterlily in your previous post.
Lovely fabric too!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better. Lovely stiching as always.


Karen said...

Missed you! ;-) Happy new glasses!

Wow, Maidenhair looks great. I love her wings. Can't wait to see finishes on her and Waterlily.

mdgtjulie said...

She's lovely Andie. And that's still a method of rotation, lol. Whatever screams the loudest used to be my form of rotation too. Now I'm a little bit stricter!! Glad you're feeling better and the new glasses are helping!!

Veronica said...

Happy to hear your new glasses have cured your headache. Maidenhair look fab. That fabric is gorgeous.


demeter83 said...

Very pretty, and so glad that teh glasses have helped!

weustygirl said...

she looks beautiful, I love the fabric

Valentina said...

Hi Andie, I'm so happy you're stitching Maidenhair, it's the first time I see it stiched! Yours looks alreday lovely!