Saturday, November 24, 2012

Testing testing 123

Is there anybody out there?  :D

No pics this time, but I want to get back into regular posting, I've been spending too much time on FB and want to cut it back :D

I had a bit of a slump for a bit there but am back and happy happy happy :D

I started stitching a stocking for my daughters BF....... they say they are on a bit of a break but he spends just as much time here as ever and same with her...... I think shes waiting for a special date to ask him out again roflol

Anyway.... I am 2 days into the SB stocking, I chose Berties Stocking and I really really really like it :D  I should be finished in a few more days, but will post a pic on Monday regardless :D

I have a few unused charts and maybe some hand dyed fabrics for sale..... I really have way too much stuff, so I will put a tab up next week sometime incase anyone is interested.

Well thats it from me :D

Except I have some exciting stitchy news, will share when I can :D




Kathy A. said...

I'm here Andie!
Stash to part with - do tell?????
Oh and what kind of stitchy news????
Am I curious enough??

stitcheranon said...

I'm here: glad to see you back! xx

Lisa M said...

I'm here :) can't wait to hear your news! Your family must be gearing up for summer holidays soon - the best time of the year!!

Karen said...

I think you and I have both been hooking up on FB too much! I've been almost nonexistent in blogland.

Can't wait to hear your news!!

BTW, love Amaryllis!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Exciting news? Must be stitching with me next year on the Mira RR LOL.

StitchCat said...

I use photbucket...have done for a while. Seems to work well.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a terrible time suck! I should really cut back too - I might actually have more time to stitch! LOL

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